ACS Fall 2013 National Meeting, Indianapolis
September 2013

ACS presidents
ACS President-Elect Tom Barton, ACS President Miranda Li Wu
and ACS Immediate Past President Bassam Shakhashiri

With Carl Djerassi  With Carl Djerassi
With Carl Djerassi, on the occasion of a symposium honoring his 90th birthday

Djerassi Talk
Speaking at the Djerassi symposium

With Carl and Dudley
With Carl Djerassi and Dudley Herschbach

With Alan Alda  With Alan Alda
With Alan Alda, who spoke on "Helping the Public Get Beyond a Blind Date with Science"
at the ACS Board of Directors Open Meeting

With Harry Gray
With Harry Gray

With Tom
With Tom Gilbert, NESACS and ACS-BOD

Bassam Presenting

With A.C. Buchanan III

With Peter Dorhout

With Harry Hajian

With Richard Kieter

With Ieva Reich

With Mary Jane Schultz

Photos courtesy of Peter Cutts, Linda Wang and Mort Hoffman