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Chemistry 299/699 Directed/Independent Study

Professor Shakhashiri and the WISL staff instruct undergraduate students on the safety, science, and presentation of chemical demonstrations for general audiences. The undergraduate students then assist in presentations to Wisconsin-area elementary, middle, and high-school students and their families.

Spring 2009

Fall 2009


Chemistry 901 Seminar - Communicating Chemistry to the General Public

As a scientist, you will be increasingly expected to communicate your research not only to fellow scientists but also to the general lay public. In addition to being an opportunity to share the joy of discovery that is often lost in the public discussion of science, such communication is also important for a number of other reasons. You will be helping to teach non-scientists about science and its influence on their lives. And you will be providing citizens with science that will better equip them to fully and knowingly participate in the public policy debates that today so often involve complex science and includes discourse on everything from climate change to stem cells.

Instructors: Bassam Shakhashiri and Ron Seely

Fall 2011

May 4, 2012
Science Magazine is currently looking for graduate students and post-docs to write 400-600 word reviews of recent science books written for non-specialists. If you are interested, contact book reviews editor Sherman Suter by May 14.


Chemistry 901 - The Teaching of Chemistry

Innovations and strategies for the enhancement of learning and teaching at all educational levels. Requires consent of Professor Shakhashiri.

0-1 credits.





Chemistry 991 - General Research

Professor Shakhashiri has advised many graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here are a few of the Thesis titles his graduate students have defended.

1 - 12 credits.




For more information contact SciFun@chem.wisc.edu