Prof. Shakhashiri's Hints to Enhance Classroom Learning On


Helpful Hints to Enhance Classroom Learning

Although the following suggestions are made in the context of my Chemistry 103 and Chemistry 104 large introductory courses at UW-Madison, all students may find them helpful in developing good skills to enhance learning. The course guide and syllabus for each course can be found here.

Read the assignment prior to lecture.
Take good notes by hand during the lecture.
Rewrite your notes, reread and study the appropriate pages in the textbook the same day of lecture.
Do the sample exercises in the book.
Try the suggested exercises in the book.
Learn the key words and concepts listed on the left-hand side of the syllabus under each unit
Use the workbook which accompanies them.

• Come to the discussion section prepared.
• Ask specific questions of your T.A.
• Understand the questions of your fellow students and the answers which your T.A. and others give.

• Read the instructions in the lab manual.
• Complete the pre-lab assignment.
• Discuss your work in lab with your fellow students and T.A., and complete the laboratory report
before leaving unless instructed otherwise by your T.A.

• Devote two hours of personal study time outside class weekly for every hour of scheduled class time.
On average, each hour of weekly study should consist of 45 minutes of focused work alone and 15
minutes with others, including your cooperative learning group.

• Learn with the goal of wanting to explain fully and clearly what you know to another person. When you
take exams this person will be me!

Every weekend, take an hour (or more) to reflect, in writing, on what you have learned.
This will help establish your confidence in being able to act correctly on what you have learned.