Communicating Research to the General Public

Dr. Matthew Alan Windsor

“Development of a ß-Peptide Retroaldolase and Efforts Toward Other Catalytic Foldamers”

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Matthew Windsor

Support from the UW-Madison Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center

Matt is currently Senior Manager of Science Communications at The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO).

He is responsible for the Advocacy & Outreach section of the ARVO website. There are four primary areas of content: 

  • Annual Meeting Contests: One year, they asked their students to describe their PhD work in three slides in three minutes. The year before, they asked for a two sentence description of research aimed at a 12-year-old audience. Both were very successful.
  • Q&A with the Experts: Matt has interviewed several PhD scientists who have pursued careers outside of industry and academia. These stories help expand students’ realm of possible careers.
  • Toolkits: Some activities are easier if they come with an instruction manual. They've created several toolkits, all aimed at interacting with non-scientists.
  • Newsroom: Matt shares weekly articles of interest and encourage conversation on our member-only networking platform.

Under the Supervision of Prof. Samuel H. Gellman
Sam Gellman