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Dr. Rodney Schreiner
WISL Associate Director
University of Wisconsin-Madison Senior Scientist

For almost 30 years, Rodney Schreiner has made outstanding contributions to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its community. He is one of the chemistry department’s biggest assets, and probably its most valuable and creative academic staff member. Institutions including Wisconsin Public Television, University of Wisconsin Press, the Center for Humanities, as well as the chemistry department as a whole are more enriched and more accomplished because of the depth and scope of his involvement.

He has been instrumental in founding the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy, including the creation of this Web site, which opens the WISL and the links between science, the arts and humanities to the entire world. In addition he is a superb teacher, as many of his students and colleagues will gladly attest. Rodney has made major contributions in experimental design, exploration and writing with his published works, which include “Chemical Demonstrations: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry” Volumes 1-4, “Chemical Equilibrium,” “Chemical Kinetics,” and the “Workbook for General Chemistry” for which he is principal co-author.

An accomplished presenter, Rodney has done chemistry demonstrations, presentations and experiments in places as diverse as middle schools, shopping malls, Disney’s Epcot Center and the Memorial Union Terrace. Through all these accomplishments, Rodney works thoughtfully and tirelessly to improve means of communicating science to learners of all ages.

In his spare time, Rodney enjoys music, gardening and art collecting. His home garden consistently receives local acclaim. Examples of Rodney’s art work can be found here.

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