The People of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy On


             Bassam Shakhashiri
Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, WISL Director

Bassam's Call to Action
First appearing in Wisconsin People & Ideas, Vol. 55, No. 2 (Spring 2009).


              Rodney Schreiner
Rodney Schreiner, WISL Associate Director


Jerry BellJerry A. Bell, WISL Faculty Associate





Cayce OsborneCayce Osborne, WISL Outreach Specialist





John PowellJohn Powell, WISL Senior Editor





Patti Puccio Patti Puccio, WISL Administrative Assistant




Kenton ChodaraRon Seely, Senior Lecturer

WISL Fellows


Laurens Anderson, WISL Honorary Fellow

UW-Madison Emeritus Professor 1986-present
Professor of Biochemistry 1951-1986

John Berry, WISL Faculty Fellow
Marc Fink, WISL Faculty Fellow
Ron Perkins, WISL Honorary Fellow
Kevin Strang, WISL Faculty Fellow

WISL Affiliates

WISL has many collaborators and we welcome their participation in our programs and acknowledge their contributions.

Mike Boll
Kenton Chodara
Clare Haden
Steve Wojtas
Linda Zelewski





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