The People of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy On


WISL People

Bassam Shakhashiri

Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, WISL Director

Climate is always changing—now it’s us.          

         Bassam's Call to Action
          First appearing in Wisconsin People & Ideas, Vol. 55, No. 2 (Spring 2009)

Rodney Schreiner

Rodney Schreiner, WISL Associate Director Emeritus
Jerry Bell

Jerry A. Bell, WISL Faculty Associate
Cayce Osborne

Cayce Osborne, WISL Senior Outreach Specialist

Kim Asseily, WISL Research Intern
Ray Czerwinski

Rachel "Ray" Czerwinski, WISL Intern
Levi Hogan

Levi Hogan, WISL Research Assistant

Allwin McDonald

Allwin McDonald, WISL Intern
Katherine Parrish

Katherine Parrish, WISL Intern
Mackinsey Smith

Mackinsey Smith, WISL Intern
Amanda Spiewak

Amanda Spiewak, WISL Affiliate
Ceci Vollbrecht

Ceci Vollbrecht, WISL Intern

WISL Fellows


Laurens Anderson, WISL Honorary Fellow

UW-Madison Emeritus Professor 1986-2018
Professor of Biochemistry 1951-1986

John Berry, WISL Faculty Fellow
Marc Fink, WISL Faculty Fellow
Tom Kuntzleman
Tom Kuntzleman, WISL Honorary Fellow
Ron Perkins, WISL Honorary Fellow
Kevin Strang, WISL Faculty Fellow

WISL Affiliates

WISL has many collaborators and we welcome their participation in our programs and acknowledge their contributions.

Mike Boll, WISL Outreach Specialist
Gery Essenmacher, WISL Senior Outreach Specialist

Christina Marvin, WISL Post-Doc
John Powell, WISL Senior Editor
Patti Puccio, WISL Administrative Assistant
Peter Van Kan, WISL Faculty Fellow

Clare Haden (2006-present)
Steve Wojtas (2006-2008)
Linda Zelewski (2007-2008)

Robert Wardrop, 2003/2004 WISL Faculty Fellow

Past WISL Interns

Jill Chipman, WISL Intern
Anna Husman, WISL Undergraduate Intern
Haley Olsen, WISL Undergraduate Intern

Summer Workshop Lead Instructors
  Patrick Meloy (2012-present)
Pat is a chemistry teacher at Madison LaFollette High School.

Ann Comins (2014)
Ann is a chemistry teacher at Madison Memorial High School.

  Lori Schacht DeThorne (2012-2013)
Lori is an assistant principal at Madison West High School.
Summer Interns
  Megan Bernards

Megan Bernards, 2015
Megan graduated from River Valley High School in Spring Green. She is attending UW-Madison, and is considering majoring in astronomy, psychology, physics, or genetics.

UW-Madison students make discoveries, explore Italy in archaeological expedition
November 6, 2018

  Jake Jacob Boden, 2015
Jake wants to pursue a career in chemistry.
  Maxine Knetter Sylvia Speidel, 2015
Sylvia is interested in pursuing a career in science.






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