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Kids & Parents

Nat Geo Kids

National Geographic Kids Science Lab

A resource for parents and kids to explore science experiments, videos, articles and more.

WOW in the World

WOW in the World

A podcast for curious kids and their grown-ups. Wow in the World can be downloaded wherever podcasts are available including, Apple Podcasts, and at

Science Friday

The Science Friday Educator Collaborative

Free STEM activities, lessons, and resources for parents and educators, suited for children of all ages.


SCINCH: Making Science a Cinch

Scinch is a company cofounded by chemists that offers science learning materials including experiment kits, books and toys aimed at making science less intimidating and more fun.

Read a C&EN article about their products

Inquiry in Action

Inquiry in Action

With this helpful website, full of links to chemistry fundamentals as well as fun activities, you can teach physical science and chemistry concepts using an inquiry-based approach that supports national content standards. At this site you can download the e-book for free, in PDF format, or purchase a full-color, spiral-bound copy.






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