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People in Science

Online PhD

This site offers a host of resources for students and professionals involved in every phase of the PhD experience, from tips for finding the right job in academia, to a discussion of what life is like for a PhD student, and more. Curated by a small but dedicated team of writers and designers, offers a place for discourse on what it means to strive for a PhD, and what to do once you've achieved it.

"Connecting young thinkers around the world" is the motto of Cogito (Latin for “I  think”). The site provides an online forum for academically talented youth plus news  about scholarships, academic competitions, summer programs, features about young scientists and articles on many topics. Developed by Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, the site has many partners, including five universities.


The Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) has over 600 organizations, including the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy, and embraces the mission of WISL of making science more accessible, meaningful and relevant to the public. The site includes links to the member organizations, calendars of events and a blog.

Science NetLinks

Science Netlinks, run by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It consists of links to sites reviewed by the editors to support standards-based learning and teaching.

Engineer Girl!

Engineer Girl, from the National Academy of Engineering. This site offers lots of information for girls, of course, but also for anyone interested in an engineering career. It gives a good idea about how to go about becoming an engineer and also has topics like “fun facts” and “great achievements.”

Nobel e-Museum

The site has information about the prizes, biographies of all the winners, many articles by Nobel winners, and articles about their discoveries. It also has games about many science topics (you need flashplayer 6).

Science and Engineering Indicators 2010

Published by the National Science Foundation and the National Science Board, this site offers the latest statistics and reports on science and technology education, the science and engineering workforce, funding of research, public attitudes toward science, public understanding of science, and trade, technology and the global marketplace. This is the most comprehensive source of data about the current status of science and technology.


The University of Wisconsin
Chemistry Department

The official web site of the University of Wisconsin-Madison chemistry department has descriptions of research and facilities at the University, opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and descriptions of outreach efforts.


Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Foundation has a museum at its headquarters in Philadelphia. The site has articles, photos and oral histories all dealing with the history of science.


National Science Teachers Association

The Association’s official site provides interesting on-line magazines for teachers at every level of K-12 schooling as well as lots of links to other good sites and science news.




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